We’re lucky here in Southern California that our winters are not as harsh as other regions around the country. That doesn’t mean we don’t see a significant change in the insect and pest activity in the winter. Activity depends on the type of insect - some die off, while others make their way inside.  

So what happens to insects in the winter?


Roaches, unfortunately, will make their way indoors to escape the colder weather outside. They’re on the hunt for food, water, and a warm place to stay. That is why this winter it is important to create a plan to counteract roaches.


Termites and ants

Fortunately, these critters can survive the harshest of winters, usually making their way below the frost line. There is no such thing as a frost line in Southern California, but these insects shouldn’t be a problem. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t totally write them off, they may still make their way into your home.



We know what you’re thinking, hopefully these guys die off, but did you know that there are actually indoor and outdoor spiders and that most indoor spiders would never survive outside? So, just as the conditions inside your home do not change during the winter, neither do the inside spiders. Sorry. But on a positive note, the outside spiders should stay outside.


Bees and Wasps

You don’t need to worry about these guys, they hibernate in the colder winter months.