Widow Spider
Black widows are found all throughout the country, but they seem to favor the southern and western states making Southern California homes vulnerable to infestations. Black widows tend to hide in dark corners, especially in the garage, and under wood piles.

You would think widow spiders would go away during the colder months, but because of our lovely California weather, black and brown widows are prevalent all year round. During the late fall brown widows are known for hiding underneath patio furniture, inside BBQ’s, and around playground equipment.

Roof Rats
Highly adaptable and excellent climbers, roof rats nest everywhere from inside to under buildings or in piles of garbage or wood. These nocturnal animals do prefer to live in high places and a wide variety of environments. As their name suggests, these rats live in roofs, rafters, attics, and trees. They also feed off of fruits, nuts, and anything else available to them.

California Ground Squirrel
Breeding for ground squirrels starts in December, which means your landscape can end up with burrows that can be easily seen because of the holes the squirrels leave behind. This doesn’t only damage your landscape, but can also make it unstable risking injury when walking in the yard or mowing the lawn. Aside from burrowing ground squirrels love to eat vegetables or fruits from your trees. But, they don’t stop there, if no vegetables or fruits are available ground squirrels will chew on bark and plastic sprinkler heads. They will also burrow around the roots of trees and plants, which can cause serious damage to your yard.

Carpenter Ant
It is common to think that after the summer is over all your ants problems are over too. However, not all ants were created equal. The carpenter Ant is indeed active during the winter months. These little guys do not represent a health risk to humans, however, they can cause some serious damage to your property because they make their nests within the wood. Carpenter Ants are difficult to get rid of, so if you happen to spot small holes within your wooden structures, you might want to get your wood checked out by a professional.