The minute most of us see a bug is the moment we bring out the heavy-duty cans of bug spray and repellants to try and defend ourselves from an infestation of them. Bugs spotted in our homes is never fun. But, instead of running for the bug spray every time we spot a critter, here are a few tips you can take to keep bugs from inviting themselves in to begin with.

Doors and Windows

Bugs can wiggle themselves through tiny spaces so it's important to check your windows and doors for cracks or gaps. Using screen meshes the size of 200 holes per square inch is an additional security measure you can install to keep them out.

Be Litter Free

Pest will feed off debris and spills inside and out of your trash cans. A rule of thumb to follow is to make sure your trash cans have secure lids and always stay closed. Keeping your yard free of litter and standing water will also go a long way in keeping bugs away.

Replace your lights

Do you have flying insects always lurking around your windows and doors waiting for the moment to fly their way indoors? A good way to fight against them is to replace your standard outdoor bulbs with halogen lights. Lights with pink, yellow or orange tints are the least attractive to flying insects.

Clean your Drains

Sink and floor drains are the most susceptible to accumulate debris that will attract pests. Worst of all, drains are used as breeding grounds for these critters. Make a note to clean your drains on a monthly basis to prevent unwanted visitors.


The cleaner your home, the less likely you are to run into unwanted visitors. And the less unwanted visitors means the less you will have to run and get the bug spray out to fight off the pest.