Termites are terrifying because they are destructive pests. But, do you know why they are so wood hungry? It turns out termites are hungry for cellulose, the main component in the cell walls of plants. Because of their unique diet termites love to eat up wooden buildings, furniture, money and even clothes.

As we shift away from the cold winter weather to the warm spring months the termites begin to come out. During this time these pests leave their nests to start a new colony, which could be your home.

Before you begin to worry, we came up with a list of places most attractive to termites in your home and how to prevent them from coming.

The Roof

The first thing termites will look for is a way to get inside your home. Broken roof tiles create a moisture which can easily attract these pests and simultaneously provide a gateway inside.

Prevention: Check for dampness in your roof and dehumidify if there is a problem. Additionally, fix your broken roof tile.

Cardboard Storage Boxes

Using cardboard storage boxes to store photos, papers and other documents is like a buffet to a termite.

Prevention: Throw away the boxes and opt for plastic storage containers instead.

The Living Room

From the wood floors to the furniture to the baseboard a living room is a gold mine for termites.

Prevention: Carry out regular inspections for termite. Check for termite damage on a baseboard by pressing thumb against it.  Keep furniture away from walls and if you can opt for other materials such as metal.

The Garage

Depending on what you store in your garage can make it a good food source and passageway for termites.

Prevention: Opt for metal storage units and keep all storage items away from walls.

The Kitchen

Whether it is a leaky pipe or an open window or door termites can spring up in the kitchen if tempted.

Prevention: Inspect external and internal pipes and repair any damages. Additionally, make sure windows and doors are kept shut during swarming season.